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Husbands! Are responsible for what?

Bonnie, Elaine, Alan and I joined 16 Kenyan Pastors and Wives for a Marriage and Family Seminar at the Ibis Hotel, Karatina. This is part of our partnership with LEFTI (Life Empowerment for Transformation-Bernard Kabaru and Robert Muteithia).

We flew from Iringa area to Dar to Nairobi. A slight delay in travel due to a flight cancellation, but we arrived at the Blue Post very, very early on Sunday morning.

The seminar began Sunday night just getting to know each other. This morning, Monday, the seminar began with couples sharing their "marriage and family history and challenges." The teaching and discussion times focused on Why Marriage Matters? Healthy Biblical families, and the Biblical foundation for the family at the center of God's mission and plan. We had a great time with lively and challenging discussion. There was lots of laughter and plenty of tea. Tomorrow, we will discuss expectations and practical ways to strengthen and grow healthy marriages and families.

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