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A Birthday Celebration in Tanzania

Today was Terry Boyter's first day in Tanzania. What a day!

We arrived at our Dar es Salaam hotel a little after 1:30 AM this morning to catch some sleep and shower before our flight to Iringa at 7 AM.

Terry got to experience a landing at a bush airport to make a drop-off en route.

Great to see Mpeli and Maka waiting on us.

Nothing compares to being greeted by the Daily Bread Life Children-singing, waving flowering branches, and smiling with hugs!

Terry greeted the children on behalf of his family and Ware Shoals First Baptist Church.

There are three new children with two more scheduled to arrive tomorrow. Praise God for those who gave for new children needs.

BIG surprise for me, the children and staff broke out in Happy Birthday! They had a cake! We shared the cake.

Our first day was special in so many ways!

Tomorrow the work begins!


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