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Finishing the House

The Sunbelt Marketing team has been working hard!

As of the end of work on Tuesday, the walls were up, the roof was on, and the floor was being leveled.

The Kenyan partners agree: We all like the team, They are very hard-working and self-motivated -- ahead of schedule!

The team got started early Wednesday morning with their Kenyan counterparts and finished the house, which included new beds with all the coverings.

Esther, Peter, and their two children moved in! It was a great day of celebration for the community, the team, and Esther and Paul (Mama Maina).

It has been three great days of providing for this family. They have appreciated and prayed for God's blessings.

Tomorrow they will move on to water connections - they are so excited!

From Kenny: Just wanted to give you an update that the house was completed. Everyone and I mean everyone worked amazing. We are extremely excited to head to water connections tomorrow.

From Robert, Kenyan partner: The construction of the house is done, great celebration and the Esther and Peter and their two boys have moved in.

It is a great joy to see God's work through the Sunbelt Marketing team!


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