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Hurry up and wait in Tanzania

The COVID rush and wait gave us some unexpected life events.

Thursday Bonnie and I (along with Maka and Habakuki) drove 10 hours to Arusha. Friday morning, we work up early and headed for the Tanzanian/Kenya border. The TZ Ministry of Health COVID test result system was malfunctioning so no results. The TZ folks assured us we could cross. Uh, the Kenyan folks did not once we got there.

So, we headed back to Arusha trying to work out getting to Kenya to meet our partners there. We had to leave Duncan, our Kenyan friend, and driver, at the Kenyan border. We found out Mt. Meru Hospital did PCR-RT testing and headed over. Closing time was 3 PM and it was 2 PM. At the hospital we had a good walk to the COVID testing site.


A man came by—an angel—he listened and made a call. Soon we were at the hospital’s regional lab being tested by a very professional and kind lab person. Now we are waiting in Arusha for the results. The best opportunity to get to Kenya is a Monday afternoon flight. Everyone at Mt. Meru Hospital was beyond gracious to us—a definite 5 on 1-5. Recommend them for an excellent job.

So now we wait! What will we do?

This morning, as I walked around our hotel, I noticed movement on the roof—I was being watched—actual nature a monkey was on the roof. Then, I walked to the top floor. As I turned off the steps to a landing area, I was greeted by three monkeys seated in a chair and table—looked like they were having morning tea. By the time I got my phone camera going, I had broken up the party.

WHAT! I looked out my room window and there was a young man on an extended, extended, extension latter up against a palm tree. He had no belt or anything to keep him from falling. Thank goodness the guy at the bottom was holding the ladder. Watch him climb on up, then, the ladder holder left—WHAT! -and came back with a machete that he sent up by rope to the tree man.

At least the tree man had tied a “safety harness” made of sisal rope. He took the machete and with one whack cut off the dead palm covering and leaf. He trimmed up the tree. As he is whacking, I see the ladder holder has apparently grown tired of holding the ladder and is sitting down on the grass watching.

It doesn’t take much to entertain this old boy but I was amazed. To think that Bonnie questions when I do things in an unsafe manner! Humm...I have a tree at home that needs work---I have learned a new way! Can’t wait to try the palm tree trimming method.

Who knows what the next two days of waiting will hold!


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