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Worship in Different Places

Today's blog post comes from Chris Dover.

Four churches to preach in one day is quite a lot! But that is what our ministry partner here in Reghin, Attila Toth, does every Sunday.

Today, Jeni and I had the honor of sharing his day.

Our worship began in the church in Gornesti. Here Jeni brought greetings from the Dover family and ACTS Fellowship. I had the first opportunity of the day to share a message – I would do this three more times before the day was done!

After a quick lunch at the children's home, we dropped Jeni (and Caleb) off at the Toth home so she could pack for camp. Attila and I then worshipped with the last 2 members of the home church that started many years ago, Iboya and Polly. It was truly a worship experience for me to be with these ladies.

After a quick stop to get water, Attila and I met Adel, Jeni, and Caleb at the church in Reghin. Orsi translated for me at this service.

Once we finished in Reghin, Jeni and I went with Attila to Apalina for the evening service. Here we brought greetings and gave testimonies to the church. We had the opportunity to share the Lord's supper with this congregation. This was a great experience for us.

After a quick supper of pizza with the children, we came back to the Toth home to get some sleep before tomorrow's journey to camp!


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