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Worshipping with Two ACTS Fellowship Churches

Sunday was a busy day of worship!

The team started out at Acts Fellowship in the village of Kigonzile.

Worship began outside as Floyd baptized 3 new believers. The church is really adding new followers of Jesus under the leadership of a new pastor, Michael Chadibwa. He previously served in the Tukuyu area. Michael came as Neema and Mpeli are building the Acts Fellowship Downtown church.

The morning service was filled with praise songs. Floyd preached a powerful message.

After the service, we gathered in the pastor’s home to pray for him & his wife as they begin their ministry with ACTS.

In the afternoon, we worshipped with ACTS Fellowship Downtown. We participated with our brothers and sisters in the Lord’s Supper.

Garry shared his testimony and again, Floyd preached. There were many visitors. Both services were filled with singing, dancing, and prayer.

Monday we visited with the students of Bread of Life Secondary School and did a little shopping.

Thank you for your prayers!


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