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Let the Worship Begin!

We returned to the sight were it all began-a mango tree at Kidete village. The vision of Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe came alive, real here. Sunday morning we worshipped under the mango tree because the church building is too small for the Kidete church worship. Sam Quinely and David Kay experienced their first worship in Kidete. Kip shared his 12 year journey from the first time he worshipped under the tree to today in partnership with the Mwaisumbes, Daily Bread Life Children's Home, and Teleios. Kim shared her testimony with the church. All brought Greetings. The choirs of Bread of Life Secondary School led in worship.

In the afternoon, we joined ACTS Fellowship, Iringa in worship. This is an active, dancing, praying, preaching church. Sam, David, Kip and Kim brought greetings. Bonnie shared with the church. Floyd brought the message and led in worship. The church now worships in the afternoon into the evening. Awesome experience of worship.

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