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Mission Statement

Teleios Ministry assists indigenous people in developing God-given visions into an authentic, real-life ministry centered in Jesus Christ. We are about investing in people so that all participants in the relationship might become who God created them to be and live out what God created them to do.

Teleios Ministry works to develop mutually beneficial partnerships and networks that will provide direct resources for bridging the gap between vision and reality, as well as between people of different cultures. Spiritual, emotional, intellectual, and financial resources are brought together for the development of an authentic, real-life ministry.

Our Mission

  • To assist indigenous leaders and groups in bringing to reality the vision that God has given them.

  • To bring to life a new way of developing mission partnerships, networks, and ministry opportunities that is not dependent on control but true partnerships in the gospel to the glory of God.

  • To serve as coordinator of resources, partners, and projects, all of which originate from God-given visions of indigenous believers. 

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