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Upcoming Events

Sunbelt Team to Kenya, November 3-13

Floyd will be taking a team of seven men from Sunbelt Marketing to Kenya starting November 3. 

Thursday, 11/3

The team is composed of men from Greenville, Tallahassee, Raleigh, San Antonio, and Atlanta. On Thursday, they will meet in Atalanta to fly to Johannesburg, South Africa (a 14.5 trip!) before continuing on to Nairobi.

Friday, 11/4

The team is scheduled to arrive in Nairobi at 10:30 PM and then drive to Shuhan Hotel, Thika for a few hours of sleep.


Saturday, 11/5

The team will drive to Nyeri-Golden Gates Hotel for lunch and an overview of the week. After lunch, they will visit the Keini West project sites, including the Biricha-Lamuria water projects and Lower Property Farm. 


Sunday, 11/6

Floyd will lead the worship service at Shalom, including a celebration of the church's 10-year anniversary. The team will have lunch and fellowship time at the church before visiting the Shalom area.

Monday & Tuesday, 11/7-11/8

The team will get to work making water connections for vulnerable families and widows and will lay water lines and spigots in Lamuria.

Wednesday & Thursday, 11/9-11/10

More hard work is ahead for the team as they will spend these days aiding in the construction of the home for a vulnerable family in Biricha.

Friday, 11/11

Floyd will return to Nairobi and begin his travel home. 

The team will enjoy a safari at Ol Pejita Conservatory in Nanyuki.

Saturday, 11/12

Floyd will arrive home in the late afternoon.

The team has an early morning safari before returning to Nairobi for time to rest and shop. Their flight home is scheduled for 11:30 PM.

Sunday, 11/13

The Sunbelt team will arrive home in the afternoon/evening.

Please join us in praying for traveling mercies and safety as the team travels to and within Kenya as well as for the effective ministry of God's work and love through the team's presence and work.


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