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Current Projects

Tanzania – Kidete Feeding Program

The feeding program in Kidete began in 2005 when Pastor Mpeli found children begging for "donuts" at a local pub and they attended the newly opened nursery school in Kidete. He and Neema discovered that the children did not have a single full meal a day. The "lunch program" began and allows the nursery school to provide children with what is often the only full meal they get each day. The Kidete church helps with cooking the meals and provides some of the food supplies.  

The cost to feed one child for a month is $5, or $350 to support the entire program for a month.

Tanzania – Microfinance a Business

Help support a Tanzanian entrepreneur's God-given vision of starting a business in order to earn a living a support their family.

Initial capital investment ranges from $100-$200 per entrepreneur.

Kenya – Women's Empowerment Employment Opportunities

The Women's Empowerment Fair was a success and Grace is now working with six individual women who are ready to start their own businesses.


Esther needs a kiosk and initial capital for the purchase of inventory to start a Shoe and Bag Business. Total investment would be $300.

Sarah needs to purchase a donkey cart in order to provide in-town transportation. The cost is $200.

Agnes, Mary, and Margaret are all planning to raise chickens. Agnes will use her chickens for eggs and needs $350 to set up a chicken coup, purchase the chickens, and feed the chickens for the first month. Mary will focus on raising chicks to be sold once they're grown, and needs $310 to get started. Margaret will be raising both chicken and sheep, and needs $150 to get started.

Lynder wants to become a teacher, but doesn't have the education required. One year of training is $350.

After the women get their businesses going, they will begin to repay their business loans and that money will be used to support more local women in starting their own businesses.

Kenya – New Way to Plumb

The current plumbing system in Kenya was introduced by the British during colonization and was developed by the Romans during the Roman Empire; needless to say, it's a little out of date. At this point, they are being introduced to modern Western plumbing practices, including the separation of grey water from sewage. A master plumber joined Teleios on a visit to Kenya and guided two indigenous plumbers through the installation of the system in Charles and Grace Mbuga's new home.

As this project develops, there will be a need for funding for the education of young plumbers.

Romania – Sacele Ministry Center

Coming soon!

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