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About Us

Teleios is derived from a Greek word meaning to bring to completion or fulfillment. Teleios exists to assist indigenous leaders and groups bring to fulfillment the vision that God has given them.


The vision of Teleios Ministry began in 1994 when we were serving as volunteers with Baptist Convention of Kenya teaching in their college. The Kenyan leaders had a God-given vision but found themselves unable to bring the vision to reality due to a lack of resources and the unwillingness of other mission groups to invest in an indigenous vision. The idea grew in succeeding mission trips and through local partnerships for accomplishing God-given visions. From the beginning, our passion was to invest in the dreams and visions of others.


In Ware Shoals, SC, the underlying premise, values and goals of Teleios Ministry were developed for bridging the gap between vision and reality in the local church and community. God opened the door in Greenville, SC, for mutually beneficial partnerships and networks to begin in June 1997. The success of the initial international partnership led to other opportunities.

In July 1998, the foundation was established for Teleios Ministry. A limited partnership and network with the Hungarian Baptist Convention of Romania and with a missionary couple in Europe was developed. However, it was not until late 2000 that the God-given vision of Teleios Ministry became a viable non-profit corporation and received 501(c)3 status.


Teleios Ministry has at its core the desire to be an ongoing, mission-focused, Christ-centered, Biblically-based ministry that takes the gospel of Jesus Christ and makes it real in everyday life. The focus is to develop indigenous leaders and ministries. The long-term goal of the partnership is that the indigenous, God-given vision continues on its own apart from the direct involvement of Teleios Ministry.


In order to accomplish its goals and objectives, Teleios Ministry will work to develop mutually beneficial partnerships and networks that will provide direct resources for bridging the gap between vision and reality as well as between people of different cultures through mutually beneficial partnerships and networks.

Teleios Ministry is positioning itself to become a major participant in global mission development and the mission process of 21st century churches, movements, and mission groups.

Teleios Ministry is operated solely for the purpose of bringing honor and glory to God through Jesus Christ as His Holy Spirit guides us in assisting God's people in developing God-given visions into present-day realities.







Floyd and Bonnie Parker     

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