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  • How does Teleios find partnerships and determine various levels of involvement?
    Teleios relies on prayer and Spirit-led word of mouth to direct its involvement.
  • How large of a missionary organization is Teleios?
    In addition to the many partners affiliated with the ministry, Teleios is supported by a board of directors comprised of seven people. A volunteer staff of three takes responsibility for the day-to-day operations and overall administrative duties.
  • Is Teleios a "missionary sending" agency or board?"
    No, the ministry does not "send" or appoint missionaries. Teleios exists to bring to life a new way of developing mutually beneficial partnerships of people, resources and projects, all of which originate from God-given visions of indigenous believers. As needs of the various projects become evident, Teleios strives to network opportunities for believers to use their talents, abilities, or spiritual gifts to go or be a part of where God is leading them to be involved.
  • Is Teleios supported, endorsed or affiliated with any specific denomination?"
    While the founders and staff have a foundation based upon Baptist doctrine, the ministry has partners of many denominations, which include inter-denominational and non-denominational organizations, Baptists, Church of God, Missionary Alliance, and parachurch ministries.
  • Where are most of the projects located?
    To date, Teleios has been actively involved with indigenous peoples in Kenya, Romania, Tanzania, and the United States.
  • How does Teleios ministry support its international partners?
    Because of federal regulations, Teleios cannot send funds directly to individuals outside of the US; instead, we transfer funds to the missions organizations led by our international partners. In Romania, we work directly with Asociata Teleios, led by Attila Toth; in Tanzania, we work with the Daily Bread Life Ministry, led by Mpeli Mwaisumbe; and in Kenya we work with LEFTI and LCI.

Frequently Asked Questions

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