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Wheelers, LEOs, and a Pig. Oh my!

The third annual Wheelers vs. LEO softball game took place Saturday evening at Sunset Park in Mauldin, and it was a great one!

Dinner was served at 5pm with pizza from Domino's and sodas. After the meal and fellowship time, the game began at 6pm and play continued until dark. Family and friends came out to cheer on both teams, but there was a very special guest as well: a small pig who was quickly named the mascot of the law enforcement team. All told, there were about a hundred people (and animals) in attendance.

The LEOs were good sports and have definitely picked up some tricks over the last two years. Despite not scoring (again) this year, they limited the Mauldin Maulers to only 18 points – that's almost half of last year's margin!

After the game, there was a home run derby where anyone could try to knock the ball out of the park (from a wheelchair) for just $1. The winner got to take home a television donated by the Chapman family.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and we can't wait to do it again next year! And a special thanks to Brandon Surratt who helped to organize the whole thing!

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