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Kenyan Couples Receive Christian Guidance

Dr. Alan Stanford of Berryville, Virginia returned to Kenya during the first week of October to follow up on the Marriage and Family Seminar that he and his wife, Elaine, led with assistance from Floyd and Bonnie during their visit in June.

The conference was a part of of the partnership between Teleios Ministry and Life Empowerment for Transformation International, led by Pastor Bernard Kabaru Mwangi. At Bernard's invitation, Dr. Stanford held a new seminar for the participating couples during which he guided them in developing mission and vision statements for themselves, their families, and their churches.

Here's what two couples who attended the conference had to say:

We have no words to explain our gratitude for being part of this training as a couple. -Daniel & Jane

We went home a totally different couple. We thank God for that opportunity. -Elijah & Abalina

We thank God for Alan's willingness to give of his time and knowledge to continue instructing others throughout his retirement.

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