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This year, we are so thankful for the our salvation, the love of our Savior, and the opportunity to serve Him. We are thankful for the opportunity to fulfill our mission of connecting with people around the world in order to help them fulfill their own God-given vision. We are thankful for the faithfulness of our partners and your support through both prayer and other resources. We are thankful for the celebrations and “job well done”. From them, we experience the glory of God and the partnership of serving a gracious, loving God. We are thankful for the challenges, the pain, and the struggles—from them we experienced the purpose, power, and presence of God. We are thankful that He brought us five loaves and two fish and placed us in front of a crowd to feed. We are thankful that we found ourselves on a stormy sea and we experienced peace and calm. We are thankful that we could sit at his feet for no other purpose than to enjoy His presence and listen to our Lord. We are thankful that we are His disciples and we have the awesome command to love another as He loved us. In, by, and through His love, we give thanks.

Join with us by sharing with us Thanksgiving!

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