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They Have Graduated!

Allen and Teresa graduated today with college degrees. They were among the first to arrive at the newly built Daily Bread Life Children's Home. Over twelve years ago, Neema, Mpeli, Bonnie, and I dreamed that one day, one of the orphans from Daily Bread Life Children's Home would graduate from college. Kip and Kim Miller joined us in that dream. Teresa and Allen are not the first and not the last for sure. They are not orphans--they are our children, our son and daughter, our grandson, our granddaughter--we are family. We are so humble to see them with robes. More so, we are so thankful that they already lead and serve other in Christ with DBLCH and Acts Fellowship Tanzania.

March 2006: Teresa in the middle.   First Orphans to arrive DLBCH

Thank all of you for your encouragement, prayers, and support that make possible God-given dreams becoming a reality--Allen and Teresa, we love you and so proud of your faithfulness!

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