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Three Incredible Women Now with Water

Monday was a hard day of work for the Team. Nothing we did compared to the joy of water upon Helen and her family. Helen is a single mother with three children at home. Priscilla is a special needs child. Never in her wildest dreams did she believe that she would have water at her house. Water is a six kilometer walk. Now she has it at her home thanks to Sunbelt Marketing, Inc. and Kenyan partner LEFTI. Other kenyans showed up to help with the digging and laying pipe. Her son, Minor, and Priscilla were so excited! Seeing her son, Minor, wash his face with joyful smile, and her daughter, Priscilla splash her hands through the water was unforgettable sites. If yesterday was an awesome day of water for a single mother.

Today was even more than we could have dreamed. First water tap was for Caroline. Her mother had helped to dig trenches back in the early and mid-1980's to build the pipeline from the Abedare mountains in hope of water. The mother had gone up into the mountains to dig and get the pipe in. She died just this year with no water line to her house. Her daughter a single mother realized the dream of her mother over 30 years ago. Caroline is a single mother with two children. When the water came the first thing the children did was wash their face in the water. Immediately Caroline started filling water jars. When we left this afternoon women who live around her where filling their buckets--the long journey down the river and back up the hill was over. So much joy to see the impact of the water not just for Caroline but for her community.

The second tap was for Rahab--she is around 85. She has to walk to the river for water. She has lived there for over 30 years with no water. She said, "Now I can grow Kale to eat all the time." Can you imagine carrying water at 85 up the hill (a couple of mile trip). She was so excited. Never did she dream of water at her home. Again today the Sunbelt Team and the Kenyans worked as one. An incredible, awesome, unforgettable Day!

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