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The Waiting is Over!

Today was an amazing day. Our plan was for one family to receive water but we ended up with two women receiving water.

The mother of Stephen, pastor of Bellevue, has an incredible story. Her husband was one of the first with a desire to bring water to the Kieni area. In the late 1970's he walked 12 kilometers to dig trenches in the mountains and lay pipe. He even paid a fee to receive water back then. HE and His FAMILY never received water. Today three years after his death, his family received the water of his dreams. His widow and granddaughter washed their hands and faces. To see the water flow is beyond words.

The second lady was not even in our plans today. She woke up hoping to have someone take her animals to get water at the river (she has a physical disability). The person could not come. We saw her sitting as we dug the water lines by her house. Then, we decided why not get her water today. She will never have to go for water again. She laughed out loud with joy for the water. She was so excited and happy that she laughed. She shook everyone hands with joy and blessing.

Fredrick, the Nyeri County Executive Officer for Water, came to celebrate the water flowing to the farthest reaches of the area. He thanked the Kenny Team and Kenya Partners. This demonstrates the openness of the Nyeri Government to work together in partnership in providing for the needs of the community--the families of Kieni West and today Lamuria.

For the Kenny Pipe Team, LEFTI/LCI Team, the Water Commission, and Nyeri County Water it was an amazing dream come true. Teleios Ministry helping God-given visions become everyday reality. Partnership

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