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Please Pray for Kenyan Police Station

Robert has asked that we pray for the police station in Shalom, after an officer was killed last Saturday in a road accident.

Robert began ministering to the police officers in April when he and the Shalom Baptist youth visited the station with a gift package. The chief of police told them that they were the first church to serve the station, and was excited and thankful for their visit. He asked them to pray for the station and even went so far as have Robert dedicate their new building which was occupied but had never received an official "opening."

After getting news of Saturday's tragedy, Robert spent much of Sunday consoling and counseling the deceased's family and fellow officers. He said he's never seen uniformed officers express so much grief and emotion. He joined the area boss and Regional OCS Tuesday morning to pray over the body before it was prepared for burial on Saturday. Robert has been asked to attend, and some members of the congregation will be there as well.

Please join us as we pray for peace and comfort for the officer's family and coworkers, and that Robert may continue to be a light and a guide for them through this time.

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