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With Love from Gypsy Camp

Our guest blogger is Sarah Grace Dover with stories and pictures from the second and third days of Gypsy Camp. This is Sarah Grace's fifth year as a youth leader.

Day Two - July 13

Today's story was about Peter and Cornelius. We talked about how everyone needs the chance to hear about Jesus. We split into three teams. The teams are green, yellow, and blue. Game time is very competitive. We said goodbye to Attila today as he headed back to Reghin to preach tomorrow. It is much colder than everyone expected and we are freezing. Pray it warms up!

Day Three - Sunday, July 14

Today's story was about the conversion of Saul. Then in geography, the children learned about Asia and Australia. Even though this was not the original plan, the shorter week has gone well. It looked like rain all day, but thankfully it held off until after rotations in the afternoon. Because of the rain we were able to play the children's favorite game: Bingo!

It was slightly warmer today. If we could just get out of the 60's during the day, that would be perfect!

While trying to figure out what to give out as prizes to the teams, our group started going through our own snacks. Even though Mom promises she didn't pack "that much," we had enough extra snacks that all the kids can have some! It's our own version of feeding the five thousand (well...48).

With only two and a half days left, camp is flying by.

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