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Communicating through the Holy Spirit

Our guest blogger is Abigail Dover. Abigail is entering her senior year of high school, but already has two semesters of college classes due to her dual enrollment at North Greenville University. This was Abigail's fourth year as a youth leader at Gypsy Camp.

Last semester, my Movement for the Actor final project was to get together as a group and come up with an idea for a story that we could convey through dance and motion, then write, choreograph, and perform it. We chose to tell the story of how the Tower of Babel made it so people couldn't understand each other, but the Holy Spirit reunites us. Adel helped and translated our original message into Romanian for us.

When we started planning what the leaders would do for our annual show at the end of camp, I really wanted to bring this student project from a small college in South Carolina all the way to the Gypsy Children in Romania. I talked to my group and they all gave me the go ahead to take their show international.

We only had three rehearsals and none of the costumes or props I had access to in the classroom, but we made it work. Over the last several years, I've picked up a little bit of Romanian and the kids all speak or understand at least some English, but it was a real blessing to me to see how our message of the Holy Spirit uniting God's people despite language barriers was so effective across those barriers.

And, personally, it was really cool for me to see the whole thing come full circle and to be able to perform it with Adel, who had been a part of it from the beginning without knowing how far it would come.

Thanks to everyone who supported us on this mission through donations and (much needed!) prayers, and special thanks to the Spring 2019 NGU Movement for the Actor class.

Without further ado, here's the a video of our performance from camp. If you like it, please leave us a message on Facebook and let me know!

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