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The Christmas Catalog is Here!

Download the 2019 Teleios Christmas Catalog

One of the daily devotions from Teleios Services this year focused on recognizing that our lives, our work, even our identities are not about us; they are about how we serve God through all of these.

Whether in the workplace, the home or the community, what we communicate in our words and in our actions must convey that we are partners serving in God's work. The emphasis has to remain focused on the concept of "we" not "me."

As God's servants, we are called to be leaders who communicate, demonstrate and encourage those around us. We have "this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us." In acknowledging this central fact, we are freed from the temptation to try and lead in our own way. Instead, we will speak about God's leadership and our role in supporting His work; in letting His light shine; and in giving Him all glory.

This year's Teleios Catalog is a testimony to how God's light is shining among His servants throughout the world. As you review these opportunities to help, please open your heart to how God would lead you in supporting His work on earth as you also serve as a light in the darkness.

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