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A Busy Day at DBLCH

The Daily Bread Life Children’s Home greeting on Friday night welcomed Bonnie, Garry, and Kitty to DBLCH. Terry got to experience a second one.

Saturday was a busy day!

Kitty and Bonnie spent the morning playing games with the children. One game is a great variation of “chase” called Watotoe & Mama. The children pretended to be coming home and meeting their mom. Between the children and the mom are 2 simba (lions). The children are pursued by the lions. If caught, they have to join the pride. It repeats until only one or two children remain at the mama’s side.

After several rounds of this game and a few different ones, we went inside and decorated butterfly mobiles. After finishing we sang a few songs.

As we finished up, snacks provided by Rick & Martha Nelson were passed out.

Then we went in the afternoon for the Acts Fellowship women’s meeting. Neema taught from Proverbs 31.

The men finished their construction projects. After battling moving sand across the campus of the children’s home one wheelbarrow at a time to the place where it was needed, they hired a “motorcycle truck” to carry the sand for them. They shoveled it out and into wheelbarrows and carried it only a short distance.

Much less work & spent energy - saved enough time to enjoy a “meeting of the minds" under the shade tree.

The remainder of the day was spent in town visiting businesses that have been established to help move Daily Bread Life Ministry toward self-sustainability.


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