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Arrival in Kenya

Praise the Lord, Floyd and the Sunbelt team have made it to their destination! The only travel problem seems to have been that Greg's bags did not make the trip with him - but he got to go shopping in Nyeri!

On Saturday, the team met with Robert, Bernard, and Charles for lunch and to visit the site locations for the coming week's projects. It was a great first day!

The team will be worshipping Sunday with the church in Shalom, where Floyd will be delivering the message. They are all very excited to get to take part in Shalom Baptist's 10th anniversary.

Thanking you in advance for all your prayers.

There are several pictures below documenting the stages of their trip, along with short captions.

The team from Sunbelt Marketing at their stop in Johannesburg after 15 hours on the plane.

At the Shuhan Hotel in Thika.

The team arrived at Golden Gates Hotel where we met Robert, Bernard, and Charles. After lunch, we visited the project sites for the week including Lamuria Primary School where they will be running a water line Monday and Tuesday.


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