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Children's Camp is Happening this Summer!

Jeni Dover has some big news to share!

After not being able to take the children in Romania to camp since 2019, there will be a camp in August!

I am so excited to be asked to come help again! Because of school and work obligations, my daughters won't be able to go, so this year I'm taking my boys!

Jeni, Chris, and Caleb Dover

While Chris and Caleb have traveled to Romania before, this will be their first time helping with the children's camp. I'm very excited to share this experience with them.

Chris and Caleb joined Jeni, Sarah, Abigail, and Hannah in Romania after the 2018 camp. Pictured with honorary big brother Lajos Fekete.

The children of Gloden, Gornesti, and the Peris Children's Home will be attending the week-long camp.

Chris, Caleb, and I will be helping Attila and Adel Toth with Bible stories, crafts, games, conversational English, and even some interesting science.

Please pray for our safe travels and for the children going to camp. Also, if the Lord leads, donations can be made to Teleios Ministry to provide funding for camp supplies, food, and camp fees.


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