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Corner Stone DBL Bible Institute and Kidete Garden

Corner Stone DBL Bible Institute began today at Acts Fellowship, Iringa, Tanzania.

The Bible School is the dream of Mpeli Mwaisumbe. He wanted to develop a Bible School that provided theological training with a practical mission application of that knowledge. Ten Students have joined--men and women--multigenerational--all serving in different ways in the body of Christ. This is an exciting week!

Bonnie Parker is teaching Spiritual Leadership--those who lead God's people to where he would have them to be--a Biblical understanding with practical skills in the life of the Christian leader. Floyd Parker is teaching Introduction to the New Testament. Entrepreneurship and Pastoral care are also being taught. Today a vision became a reality and a dream came true.

Partners are needed to assist these students with basic study materials. Study Bible, a Biblical concordance/dictionary, and a basic Biblical commentary (cost is $70 per student). If you would like to make a donation, click here.

Today Floyd, Maka, and Mpeli met at the Kidetete farm to go over the basic plans for expanding the output of the farm. The current fresh vegetable garden will be tripled in size with the goal of providing all the fresh produce for DBLCH and BLSS in a year plus producing produce for market. This will include drip irrigation for year-round farming. The number of goats will be tripled using an advanced grazing system utilizing undeveloped areas of the farm. The number of dairy cows will be expanded. A full-time farm manager is being brought on along with two farm specialists: one in livestock and the other in gardening. DBLCH has been working toward this for several years now with a comprehensive farm plan. These are exciting and challenging days.


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