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Cross Country Mbeya to Iringa

What I love about road trips--always something new!

Today, a new restaurant in Makamboko--great chicken soup and chapati. But, it was cold and very windy--they fired up a heater for us!

The second new thing was the pink cliffs and walls. All natural pink, even the stream bed was pink. I hiked out on a ledge to get a better picture. As you can see Bonnie, Maka, and Neema were looking from a precarious position.

Life and business along the road are found in roadside stands, repair shops, and handmade furniture shops.

The trip into Iringa town is an adventure climbing a steep, twisting road. Iringa is growing and people are always in the street.

One negative: I have never made a road trip in Tanzania where I did not see at least one serious accident. Today we saw a couple. Two or three transport trucks head-on with car involved--appeared no survivors.


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