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Day of the Reward of Beautiful Sights

Bonnie and I left our hotel headed for Kilimanjaro Airport for our flight to Nairobi. We left an hour earlier than originally planned. Uneventful except for a two herd of cattle trying to cross the road in front of us going to opposite sides of the road. At the airport, we discovered the leaving early. Heads UP!

Check in for temperature and negative COVID test. The passport check and ticket. Then security check of luggage. Then, negative COVID test, proof of pre-registering for Kenya Health, tickets, e-visa, and Passport. Bonnie and I don’t have e-visa—we have 5 year visa—Kenyan person checking only knew how to handle e-visa never a real visa. Finally after an hour and phone calls to Kenya Immigration and proof we had used the visas in January 2020. We were free to check our bags and get our boarding pass.

At Tanzania Passport control, a very jovial officer struck up a conversation with Bonnie and she exited Tanzania.

But, as I was stepping up, I was sent to Tanzania airport security—seems one of our bags was suspicious. After that was cleared, I joined Bonnie.

After an hour and a half of checking in, we were waiting on the Kenya Airways Flights.

The reward was as we broke the clouds on the flight. Mt. Kilimanjaro and Mt. Meru were so clear! Absolutely beautiful sight.

Only a few people were on the flight, no one in the Nairobi airport, and we flew through immigration, baggage claim, and customs.

The second reward was the beautiful sight of the face of our friend, partner, and trusted driver, Duncan. 19 months since we last saw him! Unfortunately, Bonnie and I did not get a picture of him greeting us. But, we will not forget his face on this day. We were back!

We began our journey to Mwiega to Charles and Grace Mbugua’s home. Only a small issue, it was rush hour traffic in Nairobi. Everyone who travels with us loves the adventure and thrills of Nairobi traffic. A little tame, most of the time there were only three lanes of traffic on a two-lane road with a “passing lane” on the dirt shoulder. Again, there were cattle heading home during rush hour.

The third reward of a beautiful sight was Charles and Grace greeting us at their home.


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