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Edward, Hummingbirds, and Coffee

Today we rested with our first meeting at the Utengule Coffee Lodge located on the Coffee Farm.

The lodge sits on the side of Mbeya mountain. This is one of our favorite places. While part of the family enjoyed the grounds, Mpeli, Neema, Bonnie and I met regarding issues and plans for Daily Bread Life.

We were visited by the brightest hummingbird species that we have seen in some time as they feasted on bright red hibiscus flowers. The males have bright yellow breasts with bright blue backs and heads.

On the way back home in Mbeya, we dealt with Mbeya traffic. One of the sights that always amazes me is the bicycle riders who grab hold to the back of tractor trailer trucks catching a pull up the mountain. Actually the highway is one of the deadliest in Tanzania.

The second meeting was by far the real blessing of the day.

Evoid, “Edward,” is studying Electrical Engineering/Electronics in Mbeya. He is one of the original orphans at Daily Bread Life Children’s Home. He has always been a electronic genius—at 11 he built his own radio from scrap phones and radios. He is the reason that Mpeli removed the receptacles from the children’s dormitories! As a young boy he would repair cell phones. He is now finishing his third year at college. This semester he was chosen to teach electronics at a national technical secondary school. After he finishes this semester of teaching, he has one more year. He is a fine young man, focused, with a bright smile. As Mpeli says, “Who would believe an engineer from a village orphan.” We dreamed and God made it real.


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