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God's Call in Uyole: Children, laying on of hands, pigs

I am at a loss for words to describe what happened today in the dedication of the Acts Fellowship Uyole church of God (cutting the ribbon).

The worship began walking up the road to the blue tarp and tin building on the hill. If ever there was a sanctuary of the living God filled with His Spirit, the Uyole church building was it today.

Never, never had we heard such a mesmerizing, beautiful children’s a cappella choir as today-you could feel the Spirit as it went deep in your soul. They sang with such harmony, control, and with moving expression. They are children from the community/church led by a very talented young man.

We were joined today by our Tanzanian father, Rev. Harry Mwasanjala. Harry, Neema, Bonnie, and I laid hands on Seme Rogers and his brother, Afred, and set them apart for leading the church-Seme is like Senior Pastor and Afred is the main preaching pastor.

The church is a vision of Seme as he brought Mpeli to the hill and said, “God was calling him to start a church in that area.”

Dr. Mpeli Mwaisumbe is the leader of Acts Fellowship of Tanzania.

For Bonnie and I, a special and powerful moment in worship took place after this that we had no idea was going to happen. We were asked to kneel before Harry and he laid his hands on us praying a blessing on us and for God’s transforming power to be with us as we serve.

A first, Bonnie laid hands on the church’s pig pen that had four small piglets. You see the church plants vegetables and now raises pigs in order to provide for the ministry needs of the church. They do not have financial resources so they offer themselves through the garden and raising the pigs. Pray for healthy, multiplying, growing pigs for God’s glory and the growth of His church.

Floyd brought the message and we enjoyed a delicious fellowship meal prepared by Rachel, Seme’s wife. An incredible worship experience with the people of Uyole church!

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