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Home! And Cornerstone!

HOME! And Cornerstone!

“Hallelujah, Hallelujah! We love you!” Nothing, nothing compares to hearing the children of Daily Bread Life Children’s Home greet you. They line up, singing, smiling, shaking hands, hugging! In the words of a former mission team member, “It’s a beautiful thing!”

Bonnie and I met with the children this morning. They have grown! It’s their holiday— time for the country-wide census. So we get to see them every day!

Another “beautiful thing” is the completed Cornerstone Bible Institute that was begun a year ago. The dream has become a reality. The Institute is for training church leaders wholistically—men and women.

Today, Bonnie began teaching Discipleship and Mission, and Floyd teaching New Testament Introduction.

They are hungry to learn and to engage in questions and discussion. They come from all over Tanzania — from the farthest corner near Mozambique, from Dar, Mbeya, etc. Until Friday afternoon, it’s teaching and engaging with these church leaders on living out the Gospel in real life with His people.

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