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Jane's New Home

As scheduled, the team returned to work on Jane's house on Wednesday and Thursday.

By the end of work the first day, the house was 90% complete, the latrine was finished, and over 2 dump truck loads of dirt, gravel, and stones had been moved using shovels and wheelbarrows.

During the day, the workers took two breaks - one for chai and chapaties (a flatbread), and the other for lunch (rice, vegetables, greens, and pinto beans).

The day was hot and windy, but everyone held up.

Jane's house was finished on Thursday, plus the property was fenced, and then she received a big surprise: the team presented her with two beds with mattresses and "coverings." She was so thankful to God, the community, and the team.

She said, "These are not tears of loss and being in a dark pit--I cried so much when I had to leave my home of 24 years. These are tears of Joy in what God has done. He turned my tears into tears of joy."

Her brother told her, "If you move a tree, make sure even the roots are gone - nothing of you can remain."

"As I walked up today I saw the house finished. I could not believe it - the property had a fence to keep animals out and mine in. Then, I entered the house and there was a bed unlike any that I had slept on before - never have I slept on such a mattress - a new bed and mattress. God has done great things."

The team was overwhelmed by the singing, dancing, and joy of everyone. Jane's granddaughter stood with tears going down her cheeks in joy for her grandmother. We serve an awesome God and a loving Lord!

Jane proclaimed blessings upon the Sunbelt team, the community, and Robert. Bernard, and Charles. The housing is a partnership between LEFTI and Sunbelt Marketing and Kenny Pipe.

We finished the day celebrating the opportunity to serve this week. We also celebrated a special young man's 7th birthday - Floyd Muteithia, Robert's son.

Tomorrow Floyd heads to Nairobi and then on to home. The Sunbelt team will head to Sweetwaters Camp for a safari. They travel home beginning Saturday, going to Nairobi and arriving Sunday afternoon.

Praise the Lord for a productive trip!

Pictures from Wednesday:

Pictures from Thursday:


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