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Leaving is Hard to Do

All our bags are packed. We're ready to go. Leaving Romania will be difficult. We love these people so we leave a little of our hearts here.

This weekend we had the opportunity to visit a Gypsy home. The family has 9 children in a one-room house. The floor is dirty and although there are 2 windows, the glass in both is broken. Recently this family came to Adel's attention because the twelve-year-old daughter came to a youth meeting with a baby. Adel asked the girl if it was her baby because that isn't uncommon in this community. The girl answered that he was her little brother. Adel realized that the baby was starving and would soon die if something wasn't done. She has been supplying diapers and formula for the baby every week. He looks much better now but is still very small for a 7 month old. On Monday we saw the baby again and he had cigarette burns on his bottom and genitals. His sister told Adel that her mother had done that and wanted the baby dead. Please pray that the authorities will do something before it is too late for this little boy.

Saturday night Mary Beth Kollert shared at the young people's meeting in the Toth home. She talked about God supplying our needs and how we are to be good stewards of what we are given. The Bible says if we have food and shelter we should be content. That is a good lesson we all need to learn.

Sunday was the four church services again. It is wonderful to worship here even if we don't understand every word. The singing is beautiful and I imagine Heaven will be like that, except I will understand.

On Monday, Isa went with us to Koron to shop. It is a village with many shops of traditional Romanian and Hungarian crafts. We watched a man shape the clay into bowls and plates. Then his wife led us through the back of their shop to see where the firing and painting were done. We enjoyed our day there very much.

Later we were invited to celebrate the marriage of Peter and Maria. They both have been recently saved and are growing in the Lord. They have been together for 10 years and Attila thought it was important that their marriage was legal before they were baptized. It was a great celebration and the bride was absolutely beautiful!

We walked down the dirt road from Peter and Maria's house with Janos. He lives in a mud house that is only large enough for his bed and a small heater. His wife took their 2 children and left because of the living conditions. Janos told us that he had trouble with large rats at night. The heat has also taken a toll on him. My prayer is Janos will be able to find work to fix his house and live a little better.

Next we had the opportunity to share a meal with Zozo and Alena. They shared with us their ministry in Plymouth, England. It was amazing to hear how God led them there and is using them in His kingdom work.

Next, we said goodbye to Mary Beth. Attila, Adel, and Chris drove her to the train station in Deda. She took a train to Budapest, where she changed trains to her home in Austria. It was great to have time with her and hear about her ministry work with CRU.

Tonight we fly from Cluj to Bucharest for a short night's sleep. Tomorrow at 4 am we will begin our journey back to the US. Every time I leave, it feels like I haven't done enough. The Lord reminds me that this is all His. He is at work here and loves these people more than I ever could. While we leave part of our hearts here, His whole heart is here and is big enough for it all!


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