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Teaching Women's Health in Shalom

On Tuesday, January 17 Bonnie and Emma Katherine led a seminar for the women of Shalom.

The event was held in the new Shalom Baptist church. There were more than 100 women in attendance, with about a fourth of them coming from the surrounding community. The others were members of the church.

Bonnie began the day by teaching about God's gift of work and his expectations that we do the work he prepared us for, as well as the consequences of disobedience of doing these works.

In case you can't read it, the slide in the last picture says

Who you are

is that you were made in his image

If we were created

in the image of God

then we have within us

the indivisible idea of work


After that, EK taught the women about HPV and the risk for cervical cancer. Her topic was similar to the one presented to the Pastors' Wives the previous day and focused on women's health. They had so many questions and were very open about asking them. It was a very fun day for the women!

We consider ourselves blessed to be able to partner with individuals whose own gifts can help others better fulfill God's purpose for their own lives. This holistic approach helps demonstrate that God cares about the totality of our lives, not only our spiritual development.


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