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The LCI Farm is a reality!


Today we visited the LCI (Life Change International) Farm in Lamuria. Eight years ago, the land was purchased and the dream of farm was born.

Then came a few years of struggle with how to develop the 16 acres. Then, the land had to be cleared and we also had to deal with the impact of heavy rains (now no real rain in 3 years).

It all began in earnest 2 years ago breaking up the soil, a farm plan in hand, housing for farm manager (Godfrey and his wife, Rachel). In the past year came a borehole with huge water supply, an irrigation pond (it’s huge), an irrigation system including drip irrigation, and many challenges.

Finally, this year, our first major crops starting coming in! Six tons of onions, over 8,000 Cabbages, and 900 lbs of garlic were produced and harvested. We have started planting our second round of crops with over 8,000 cabbages planted. All of this with our bean crop failing due to lack of water (this was before irrigation available). A new crop is also being added in the second round as tomatoes are being planted.

The irrigation pond is huge and a real blessing. Charles Mbugua, leader of LCI, and Godfrey with the help of local agronomist are working out crop rotation and adding another four acres for drip irrigation.

Also, big news is the development of producing our own seedlings for planting.

The dream of a farm that will produce income to help with sustaining the ministry of LEFTI (Life Empowerment for Transformation International) led by Bernard Kabaru and Robert Muteithia — orphans, vulnerable children and families, food relief, community development, women’s empowerment, (the list goes on). The dream of sustainability for the Kenyan ministry is becoming a reality.

NOW, our partners can see that this can become a reality. Praise God!

Along the day today, was a bbq goat feast with roasted goat ribs, delicious goat soup, and chapati!


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