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The Peris, Romania Annual Jockey Lot Sale

It's time for the annual outdoor sale at the thrift store in Peris!

Each of the past couple of years, the Thrift Store that helps sustain the New Life Childrens’ Home in Peris, Romania has put its wares out in the courtyard and advertised a BIG SALE. The fundraiser has been very successful.

The 2022 Peris Jockey Lot sale to support the Peris Childrens' Home was a success!

Items of clothing, furniture, household items, and miscellaneous treasures are searched through and purchased by large groups of people.

Apparently, jockey lots are popular all around the world!

The sale this year is on Saturday, May 27 from 9:00 am -5:00 pm.

Attila sent us a picture of this year’s advertisement (at the bottom of the page). It has been posted in villages throughout the area. He included pictures from last year’s sale.

He asks for prayers for good weather and good sales on Saturday. Please join us in lifting up this event, those who are working it, and the children it will help provide for in the coming year.


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