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Unbelievable Day of Celebration and the Unbelievable

We began our morning with worship at Kidete Church.

Our history with this church goes back to April 2004, the first village that I preached in Tanzania. Mpeli took me there 30 minutes after we arrived. From this church, the children's home, nursery school, secondary school, farms everything started with Mpeli and Neema.

Today was harvest day. The church members brought part of their harvest mostly corn as an offering. The offering goes to the children's home. This is always such a special time. There was the regular offering where they march singing to give their offering with joy. Today also, a man gave his life to Christ.

The Kidetete church has a special place in our hearts. Acts Fellowship followed in the afternoon.

Last night as the Praise team was practicing, a person passing by on the road heard them and came to check it out. They shared with him and he gave his life to Jesus Christ. Worship at Acts is always full of music, dancing, and praise.

Today, Joseph and Amina, who were recently married in the church, brought a thanksgiving offering of a chicken and funds. They were so thankful for the support of the church in giving them a wedding. Jose is an orphan who came to Acts as a young man. He is vital part of the ACTS fellowship team.

Bonnie brought greetings, read from Psalm 111, and led in prayer for the church. Today, Acts was joined by a pentecostal church called Redeemer. We love the cooperation of the churches in the area. This was Lord's Supper Sunday.

What was unbelievable today - just after the Lord's Supper - just as we were singing at the end, a snake, black mamba (poisonous) was discovered in the sanctuary just to the right of the Lord's Supper table. One of the deacons saw it and stomped it on the head and killed it right there. Amazing is that no one ran or shouted. Finished up singing. But what a parable of the day. My message had been that Jesus had defeated Satan by suffering on the cross and overcome him that we might overcome.

Last but not least was on the way home we saw the mountain on fire and Mpeli called the necessary authorities. Soldiers were sent to put out the fire. What an unbelievable da!. An awesome day of worship with God's people in Kidetete and Acts Fellowship through Jesus Christ.


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