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Visiting the Farm

On Thursday, Bonnie and Jeni visited Glodeni. Here's what Jeni has to say about the day:

Such a busy day today! Attila got word last night that many dead wild boar had been found next to the farm fence.

Then this morning 2 piglets died. This isn't good for the farm because the wild boar could be carrying swine flu and the piglets probably died from parvo like the ones earlier this year.

Before heading to the farm, we met with Akos, a longtime member of Apalina church. He is dying of cancer. It was such an honor to visit with him. He cried as he told us of the pain he endures and his not being able to work anymore, but God's faithfulness to him. We prayed with him before leaving and I know that one day I will see him again in Heaven.

Akos, a longtime member of the church in Apalina with his family, Bonnie, and Jeni.

As we passed through the Gypsy village at Glodeni, we saw one of the new homes built by the Teleios Association of Romania to house a homeless family. There are 3 of these houses in Glodeni so far.

(l) One of the new homes built by the Teleios Association in Romania. (r) The inside of the Teleios Association home; note the attic door.

The road to the farm was very deep with mud so the trip was quite an adventure!

There we saw the giant, furry pigs that will be sold to help fund New Life Children's Home. Bonnie encouraged the farmer that a deep cleaning of the piglet house before any more piglets are placed there will go a long way to preventing their deaths of parvo.

The piglets have curly hair like sheep, but not as thick. They're cute but they smelled terrible!

There is some very good news at the farm - despite the drought this summer, the farm had the largest corn crop return ever!

The farm had its best corn crop return ever, despite the summer's drought.

We were able to have a quick lunch with the children at the home and then a few minutes rest before the next stop.

Next, we worshipped with the Glodeni church. Bonnie and I brought greetings to them. Though they are very small in number, the members are faithful and there are about 12 or 15 others that come regularly.

Bonnie and Jeni worshipped with the Glodeni church. They are few in number, but faithful.

Our last excitement for the day will be having supper with the Teleios Association of Romania. They meet yearly to fellowship, talk about the previous year, and plan for the next.

Tomorrow is our last day here and we look forward to seeing what it holds!


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