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Visiting the New Life Children's Home

Bonnie and Jeni are halfway through their visit. Here's what Jeni has to tell us:

Our week is flying by! I can hardly believe Wednesday is over.

Bonnie and Jeni visited the New Life Children's Home.

We spent time today visiting the New Life Children's Home in Peris. As soon as Bonnie and I walked in, the children ran to hug us. They asked our names and where we were from in English.

Attila gave us a tour of their home, the second-hand store, and the "poly tunnels." Iza and Attila then showed us the budgets and we were amazed at how well the second-hand store is doing.

Bonnie visits the second-hand store.

As we toured the grounds of the children's home we saw the apartment where a Ukrainian refugee and her daughter are living. It was encouraging to see the daughter having online school and her mother helping around the Home and second-hand store.

Refugee child from Ukraine doing school by computer in order to keep up.

Later we ate lunch with the children. It was beautiful to see how they are a family! They all wanted us to see their report cards.

In the afternoon, Bonnie was able to spend some time catching up with Adela Nagy and I went shopping with Adel for a few gifts.

Later we spent time studying Psalm 40 and praying with our brothers and sisters at Reghin Hungarian Baptist and later with the church at Gornesti. It was great seeing everyone again!


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