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Water for the Lamuria Primary School

Today we dug trenches, put pipe in them, and covered them up for the Lamuria Primary School to have water. Their current water source was so contaminated that the Head Teacher became ill from drinking it. She realized the impact on the children and started purchasing water for them. They are so excited to have clean drinking water on demand!

The most amazing thing happened. Over 40 parents came to work with us putting in the line!

We finished a two-day project in just half a day. The children clapped and continued to express appreciation. The Sunbelt team did a great job demonstrating basic shovel and hoe work. Drew and Greg managed the water spigot and the water tank fill line.

The team members brought soccer balls for the school and one American football. They burst into clapping and huge smiles. They were so excited!

We topped off the day with a meal by Eagle Butchery — a true 5-star catering experience with roasted goat, gravy, greens, chapati, tomato/onion, and red pepper (hot) with a mixed fruit dessert.

Tomorrow, we will start clearing the land for the house and getting the latrine built.


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