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Worship (and Great Food) with Romanian Family

Our special guest blogger this week is Jeni Dover.

Jeni has supported Teleios Ministry since its beginning and has traveled with us previously to lead Gypsy camps in both Canada and Romania. She hasn't been back to Romania since 2019, but this week she and Bonnie have been able to worship with Satu Mare Hungarian Baptist Church and Tiream Baptist Church before speaking at the Satu Mare Women's Meeting. Later in the week, they'll be traveling to Reghin to visit the Peris Children's Home and the church in Apalina.

Bonnie and I started the journey at 10:00 o'clock Friday morning, November 25, full of turkey. We flew from Greenville to Chicago and waited 4 hours until boarding for Munich. Then after a short wait, on to Cluj, Romania.

As we stepped off the plane Saturday afternoon, I turned on my phone and was greeted with a message that my luggage hadn't made the flight!

Fortunately, Patrick Kovacs was waiting on us and helped translate my troubles to the appropriate person. Bonnie and I enjoyed lunch prepared by Patrick's wife, Judith, and his father Barna drove us the final 3 hours to Satu Mare. Elizabeth, Blanca, and Benjamin Vekas welcomed us and we again had a delicious meal.

Sunday morning came with cold, gray skies. Barna, Benjamin, Bonnie, and I drove to Tiream and worshipped with the Gypsies.

I gave testimony of the peace of God using John 14:27 and 2 Timothy 1:7. Bonnie brought greetings from Floyd, Michal, Mike, ACTS Fellowship, Ware Shoals Baptist Church, the ACTS Fellowship churches in Tanzania, and Shallom, Bellevue, Birisha churches in Kenya. She then challenged the believers to be thankful for even the challenges of life with Colossians 3:15-17. Our brothers and sisters were so welcoming and loving as they offered blessings. Several of them wanted pictures with us and we later found out that they had posted them on Facebook!

After arriving at the Vekas home, we again had an amazing meal prepared by Blanca. In the evening we worshipped with Satu Mare Hungarian Baptist Church. I was given the opportunity to bring testimony. I spoke of living in the peace of God from Isaiah 9:20 and John 14:27. Bonnie shared greetings and then expressed thanksgiving for the love and support from the believers at Satu Mare with verses from the Psalms and challenged all of us to choose thankfulness in the dark times of life. We fellowshipped with old friends and met new friends after the service. Then home for more food!

Elizabeth arranged for me to have a guided tour of Satu Mare on Monday with Peter Havos. He showed me the many churches and one synagogue and explained the history of the city. As we walked, he shared with me about life under Communism.

Bonnie and I fellowshipped with Barna and Judith Kovacs over lunch. (More yummy food!) In the evening we worshipped with the women at the Satu Mare church. It was an informal time of singing, praying, and sharing. Bonnie shared of her love and connection with the women and encouraged us to prepare for the return of Christ using Malachi 3:1, Isaiah 40:3, and Mark 1:2-3. I shared how God has always had His hand on my life with Jeremiah 29:11-13, Proverbs 3:5-6 and Romans 8:28. Later as we had supper, we truly experienced family fun with Elizabeth, Blanca, and Benjamin.

My luggage finally arrived at 11:00 pm!

Every day has been a "mountain top" experience with our family of God. The bounty of God's blessings has been poured on us through the spiritual gifts and talents of God's people here.

God has grown me by giving me a need in that my warmest clothes were in my suitcase and supplied my needs through the generosity of His people. He showed me that home on this earth is anywhere with Him and His people and expanded my family. He truly never ceases to amaze me!

I am looking forward to what He has planned next as we drive to Reghin tomorrow.


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