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Worshipping and Feasting in Reghin

Guest blogger Jeni Dover writes about her experiences visiting Romania on Tuesday, November 29:

On Tuesday, Barna Kovacs drove us from Satu Mare to Reghin. It was such a long trip but we passed the time with fellowship and Christmas music.

Because of the time, we drove straight to the Apalina church and worshipped with our Gypsy brothers and sisters. Bonnie brought greetings and I shared a word of encouragement. Barna brought a message about raising up the next generation for the Lord.

After the service, we enjoyed time with old friends and marveled at how our "camp children" have grown!

Our next stop was "home" at the Toth home. Adel had a delicious supper for us and we laughed and fellowshipped with our family around the table. It seems to be a glimpse on earth of the feasting - food, fellowship, praising God - that we will share in Heaven because of the Lord Jesus Christ.


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