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BLSS Graduation

The commencement ceremony for the second graduating class of Bread of Life Secondary School was held on Saturday, October 20th. Thirty-three students were graduated. In the coming months, they will complete the national testing and find out what schools they will each attend next year (and what their future career options are).

The guest of honor for the event was Salim Asas, the National Executive Committee Representative for the district of Iringa to the National Ruling Party and owner of the Iringa International School. Also in attendance were the mayor of Iringa and the Tanzania Revenue Manager for Iringa. The attendance of the ceremony by government officials is very encouraging, especially considering the resistance initially offered to the establishment of the school.

The school leaders were once again recognized by the Tanzania Human Rights Foundation for their work with the kids of Daily Bread Life Children's Home. Neema was honored for her "exemplary pastoral work and leadership towards fulfillment of the Daily Bread Life Tanzania vision since 2004," and Swiga was recognized for her "professional performance in the media sector and [her] diligent duties as relations officer at Daily Bread Life Tanzania since 2008." The lead teacher, Baraka, and the principal, Pawdre Scout, were also recognized for their work in the school.

Please join us in celebration of the achievements of this graduating class as well as in prayer for their performance on the upcoming exams so that they may continue to become the men and women that God intends them to be.

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