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Daily Bread Life and Asante Sana Children's Homes

Daily Bread Life Children's Home

When it opened in early 2006, Daily Bread Life Children's Home, located in Iringa, Tanzania, became a haven for children without hope.

In addition to being a home for orphans, DBL is invested in teaching the children the Word of God and creating a Christ-like environment. DBLCH also includes a farm which provides much of the home's food and a newly constructed playground.  Currently DBLCH houses 40 children on site, 21 at Bread of Life Secondary School, and 16 in College. Seven former orphans have graduated college and employed.

In December 2011, DBLCH took over full operation of Asante Sana Children's Home in Nzihi. Formerly an Italian NGO (non-government organization) orphanage, it is designed to provide care for 28 orphans ranging in age from infant to seven years and was established because of the high number of HIV-positive adults in the area.

Bread of Life Secondary School

Bread of Life Secondary School

Construction began on Bread of Life Secondary School in mid-2013 and classes began in January 2014 with an inaugural class of 10 students. All graduates of the secondary school have gone on to study at technical colleges and universities. Today there are 108 students.  

This year, a new boys' dorm is being added to accommodate additional students thanks to the growth of the school. In the short period of time since its opening, the school has been a leader in the district in secondary education. In the 2017 national student exams, the Iringa district's top three students were all from BLSS.   

Business Development


As the children of DBLCH and BLSS grow up and become ready to leave the house, Teleios seeks to support them through their education and even help those with a God-given vision to start small business of their own.

Currently, a garage, carpenters shop, a cafe, and a tour company have been started and are giving back to DBLCH and all of its related ministries. 

ACTS Fellowship

ACTS Fellowship

Founded in June 2011, ACTS Fellowship of Tanzania is the sister church to ACTS Fellowship in Greenville, SC, and is pastored by Teleios partners Reverands Mpeli and Neema Mwaisumbe.


In 2014, church members held fundraisers which allowed them to purchase a piece of property in a developing area on the edge of Iringa and then to construct a permanent church building for their services. The church is a testimony to the development of strong, sustainable churches as the members raised the funds and did the work themselves – Teleios' major role was prayer and encouragement. The dedication service was held on November 15, 2017.

ACTS Fellowship has planted 3 other churches.

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