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Showing the Love of God Across the World

All of the children who are brought to Daily Bread Life Children's Home live in conditions that most of us can't even imagine. Over the last several weeks and in the coming days, we've told you the stories of many of these children.

But Evelyn has no story, no background. Even at DBLCH, this is an extraordinary circumstance.

When Floyd and Bonnie returned from a visit to Tanzania in August, they knew they needed to find a sponsor for her. As Floyd was telling Teleios partners Chris and Jeni Dover about her, he asked what the best way to get the word out would be.

Without missing a beat, Jeni said they'd like to sponsor her. "I know how important it is culturally for Evelyn to have a story, and we wanted to be a part of it for her."

Because of their financial sponsorship, Evelyn now has a safe home and access to a Godly education. The deeper impact for her, however, is the gift of love and belonging given to her from across the world by a family she's never met.

"Now I have five sisters," says Hannah, the Dovers' youngest daughter. She is nearly fifteen and, like her sisters, has helped with the annual Gypsy Camp. Her time in Romania has already opened her heart to the pain and conditions of children across the world. "We love her already," she told me recently, her older sisters agreeing enthusiastically.

Our goal on #GivingTuesday is to raise $2,000 to help with the costs of bringing children like Evelyn into DBLCH. Please take this weekend to consider donating or click here to give now.

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