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LCI is called to be a change agent for Christ-honoring business culture and practice.

This will be accomplished as LCI achieves the following intended outcomes:

  • Entrepreneurs and business owners who have embraced business practices that are Christ honoring.

  • Proliferation of businesses that are founded on Christ honoring values engaged in life transformation (Church in the market place).

  • Prosperous and generous business owners investing in Kingdom growth and advancement.

  • Self-multiplying and trans-generational business growth.


2018 Goals

1. Capital Injections

Support current clients as well as bringing new ones in through the April conference.

2. Lamuria Property Development

Develop of the LEFTI property at Lamuria purchased in 2016, including the installation of an irrigation system. The land will be cultivated in four six-month stages in order to assess the potential of the borehole on Bernard's land and allow for a steadying of the learning curve. Additionally, dairy cows will be raised to increase the income and earning capability of the land. The first three years would go towards the repayment of injected capital due to the large initial cost. 

3. Partnership with Local Pastors

Partner with local pastors who are interested in leasing farm land but lack the resources to do so. LCI will provide the finances to lease the land as well as the inputs while the pastor/farmer provides the labor to till the land, plant, weed and harvest.

4. Low-Priced Land Purchase

Strategically purchase undeveloped land in areas where road construction is upcoming with a twofold purpose: (1) acquire land that may be used for horticultural farming at the current market price; and (2) purchase the land at the current market price in order to resell it once the price goes up.

5. Business Opportunity with Youth

Educate youth in order to provide them with job opportunities they would not have otherwise. LCI will work with recent graduates who wish to one day own their own business in developing a business plan and initiating the venture. The ownership of the business will remain with LCI for an agreed upon time before releasing the shares to the client.

Additionally, LCI will embark on a five-year plan to start a small technical school that would train young people who do not attend college. The first step is the identify a location that is easily accessible to the target youth. Currently, LCI is in discussion with the Kenyan government for the purchase of the land.

6. Building Material Supply Stores

Establish a building material supply store for construction materials. There is a large market for construction materials in Nyeri, but little competition for the business, allowing sellers to charge high prices for the materials. This will require a significant time investment and will only be pursued if an LCI client wishes to maintain the business full-time.

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