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Children's Camp


For more than 10 years, Gypsy Children’s Summer Bible Camp has been a highlight in July, and 2018 marked the second year at the new campground.

Each year, Gypsy and Romanian children from the Apalina area (often from the afterschool program run by Attila Toth's church) spend a week at camp.


Camp includes Bible lessons and skits, a talent show, crafts, and recreation throughout the week. It also provides a wonderful service and missions experience for some of Teleios' youngest partners (to date, the youngest American "counselor" was 13 years old).

New Life Children's Home


When Attila Toth began working with the Apalina Gypsy (Roma) community in Reghin, he quickly saw the need for a home for the street children of Apalina. He dreamed of a "home" for these children. 

Now the New Life Children's Home provides a home for orphans and vulnerable children in the Peris community with a safe, loving, encouraging place to lay their heads.


The Sacele Mission Center is a multiplex facility that will provide housing for Otto and Elizabeth Kis, a worship center for the church, and a ministry center to address the needs of the Sacele community of Romania. The most exciting feature of the complex is that it is all handicap-accessible!

This dream of the Kis family has been almost 15 years in the making. God is working in the lives of the Sacele community as youth ministry continues to grow; a couples’ ministry, children’s ministry, and work with those with disabilities is growing through the HOPE ministry led by the Kis family.

Sacele Ministry Center

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