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Water Flows in Tanzania!

The vision becomes a reality with a new well on the Daily Bread Life Children's Home Farm to serve the farm, Bread of Life Secondary School, and to free up the existing well to provide water to the surrounding villages. In the October newsletter, the well was featured "New Water Well Needed in Tanzania". On Giving Tuesday, the well was featured. In less than three months, the WATER FLOWS!

Our great friend and experienced hydrologist Mziray brought the equipment on Tuesday and began to drill. He had previously done a geological survey to determine the best place to drill. The drilling went quickly at first--77 meters. Pray People Pray. The drill hit rock at 78 meters. Rock is a blessing and a curse. Rock structures provide a barrier from above contamination as a blessing. Rock structures can be solid for hundreds of meters below. Praising God at 120 meters after 40 meters of grinding, drilling, the WATER FLOWS! Clear, clean water. Mziray went 18 more meters to add for more capacity--better results. Thanking all of you for your prayers and support. So many contributed for the drilling of the well and now the next step of the pumps, tank, and power. Praising God!

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