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No English!

He spoke no English. After holding up my phone as he spoke Romanian to me, the taxi driver saw me and picked us up. So began Kip Miller and Floyd's arrival in Cluj, Romania on Friday afternoon - the first stop of our Romania mission (the main purpose is a Mission Camp themed Mission in Business and Marketplace). They arrived at Pensuine Zbor, Cluj, at the same time as Elisabeth, Benjamin, and Blanca Vekas to have an evening together. Kip had not seen the Vekas family in 10 years. This was a great reunion.

After breakfast this morning, the Vekas family headed home to Sate Mare and Kip and Floyd met Attila Toth and headed off to Reghin. Our first stop was Attila and Adel's home where we had a delicious lunch. This was Kip's first time in Reghin and visiting the Toth family.

After lunch, we headed off to Peris to see the children's home being constructed there. The vision of the home was planted in Attila's heart over 10 years ago. Now, it is 80% complete. We celebrated together. The property is home to many "dreams." First, at the center of the dream is the children's home (6 rooms that will house 2 youth or 3 to 4 younger children). Third, a mobile shepherd's home to be used at the farm when the pigs and chickens are there for the summer. Fourth, the barn will house the hay from the farm and other potential business opportunities to support the children's home. Fifth, three large greenhouses that were built to provide support for the children's home (agribusiness). Two greenhouses are filled with tomato plants. The third green house has different vegetable plants being tested for growing in future greenhouses and a selection of tomatoes. Tomatoes have proven to be the best income producing farm so far.

We had a great day seeing a dream become a reality. Tomorrow, we will worship in the churches of the Reghin area. Kip will be preaching in two or the churches and I will be preaching in two of the churches. We have a full day ahead!

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