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A Tale of Four Children

"He has no history," Mpeli said.

Derrick works hard with Daily Bread Life and DBL Metals. We don’t know how old Derrick is, when he was born, where he came from, who his parents were. He came to Daily Bread because Mpeli and Neema had a heart for him.

Social Welfare has no records on him. He was going to a local school and did okay, but there are no records anywhere on him. He now has a home and people who care about him. He is a fine young man whoever he is.

Today, a young man maybe 20 came with tears to Daily Bread Life Children’s Home to see his brother and sister. He lives far from Iringa in the bush. His father and mother left him and his brother and sister when he was in the 11th grade. He had to quit school to take care of them working to get food for the three of them. The District Commissioner at the time, Richard, found them and brought the two youngest to Daily Bread Life Children’s Home, Dennis and Neema. That was over THREE (3) years ago.

The older brother had not seen them in 3 years. He had been saving for 3 years to get enough money to take a bus from the bush to Iringa to see them. Today, he saw them through tears of joy.

He said to them, “Please do your best, work hard in school. You have an opportunity to go far. Do not come back home because nothing has changed. Do not waste that you have a family/people who love you and care for you.”

He also came to greet Neema Mpeli, Mpeli, Bonnie and me to say, “Thank you.”

I cannot tell you how happy he was to see them and how thankful he was that they had Daily Bread Life Children’s Home as their family.

These four remind us of the blessing that we have in being a part of changing lives in Jesus Christ. We are humbled that God allowed us the opportunity. Please pray for Derrick, Dennis, Neema, and their brother.

Bonnie and I finished teaching and then visited a couple of businesses that support the ministry.


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